Help Page

Yes, we realise that we probably do need help. However, we are happy in our insanity and encourage you to join us.

Any psychiatric help needed after reading our works is, I'm afraid, all your own responsibility.

Have a nice day!

In a serious tone, though: this site is meant as a personal archive only, for the Gestalt, the people it lives with, and other close RL friends. You can make accounts to leave feedback, but we don't accept unsolicited stories. You aren't missing anything. None of the stories are hidden, there are no easter eggs, no special wardrobes... nothing. So please, spare the archivist a little grief. Feedback all you like - and please do - but the only possible benefits (if I can call it that) would be to look at the RSS information at the bottom of the page, which can give you updates when there are more things added to the site.

Thank you.