Summary: A companion to Planet of the Dinosaurs - somewhat like a DVD commentary, sans-DVD.

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Well, following the unexpected interest several people showed in my companion to Part One of PotD, I decided to go ahead and write a continuation for Part Two, a.k.a. The Geneva Convention, a.k.a. The Behemoth Part That Would Not End.

Again, I hope you enjoy (as opposed to fear) the weird thoughts I’ve collected here! (And yes, I know that rhymes.) As before, most of this will be a) me rambling about writing Kolya, b) me highlighting some of the best stuff Rodney has said/done/both, and c) assorted facts/in-jokes/etc that I hope you’ll find interesting.

Planet Of The Dinosaurs: A Companion - Part Two [69% New Footage!]

Before I get started with the read-through, quotes, and bizarre insight-y bits, I ought to take a moment to explain a bit about PotD that I should really have included in the first part of the companion, but didn’t because I didn’t expect much interest.

PotD started out as, and mostly remains, an RP between the primary SGA muses of its two writers. I (the weirdly-named entity who goes by Shadow Side) write Kolya, whilst my co-writer Davechicken writes Rodney. Whenever we need other characters, the person writing them is generally dictated by who they’re interacting with - if someone’s talking to Kolya, then Davechicken will write them, and if someone’s talking to Rodney, I’ll write them. If there’s someone interacting with both of them, it gets trickier, and we tend to share responsibility, although one of us will be more responsible for the third character than the other. Jerran, for example, who pops up several times in Part Two, is an OC of my own devising, and I mostly wrote him, (but not entirely.)

When we first started RP-ing, as I said in Part One of the companion, everything was completely spontaneous - save, of course, for the odd little technical point that we needed to work out. (Like, say, Rodney having that combat knife.) As time has passed and things have got more complex, we have needed to plot ahead, although we never do this in too much detail and most of what happens remains very spontaneous - leading to completely unexpected turns of events, such as a number of the things that happen during the Last Night (but more on that later!)

The style of Part Two often strikes me as being really quite different from Part One, because most of Part One was written very much in RP-format: short responses, brief paragraphs, point-of-view quickly bouncing from one character to the other. Now that we write in Gmail, and responses are longer, there’s a lot more insight in between the action, and we got a chance to really develop things in a way that the traditional RP-medium might have denied us.

But look at me, I’m rambling again. This would be a good time to stop with the backstory and get to the action. So let’s head back to the Genii homeworld and pick up on the story, beginning with THAT hospital-room scene…
It is some hours later and deep within the Genii bunker, Kolya stands in a small room, staring out of the window - which, of course, looks over the internal layout of the bunker city itself, all grey and clunking and alive.

The first paragraph is always a good place to start, I guess. When I wrote it, I didn’t know for sure that it would be the beginning of Part Two, but it works well enough as an ‘establishing shot’ so we stuck with it. I have always loved those panoramic views of the inside of the bunker that we get to see in the show from time to time, which is why this is not the only fic I’ve been involved with that opens on that very view. I’ve been known to sit and stare at screenshots of it - you’d be amazed at how much you can spot if you do that!
Rodney: “No, not the jif lemon...”

*dead* This amused us greatly. There have been some very amusing discussions in meta on the question of Rodney’s nightmares.
Sometimes there’s a reason why ‘deny’ rhymes with ‘Genii.’

Kolya nearly killed me for this, but I find it hopelessly amusing.
And I should say at this point - the entire first half of the hospital room scene was particularly challenging to write, from my point of view, at least - because I simply could not get Kolya to say what he wanted to say. It was deeply alarming - as Rodney himself notes at one point - and certainly hindered matters somewhat. Although I have to say, I do like the idea of Kolya being quite so badly lost for words. It has a nice irony to it.
Kolya: “I don’t know yet. I need to have a... conversation with Cowan.”

It’s strange, the way Kolya says the word ‘conversation.’ In fact, it sounds rather like polite conversing with his leader is currently a long way off his mental radar.

*eg* I have never written any character who could use the word ‘conversation’ quite so diversely as Kolya. Depending on his tone of voice, it can mean anything from ‘polite chat’ to ‘violent shouting match with added weaponry.’

Over the course of this part, evidence of the full spectrum of Conversation, Kolya-style, will come to light!
...dear God, please tell me I’m not wearing a hospital gown, [Rodney] thinks…

I was acutely aware of Rodney’s hospital fetish all the way through writing this scene, although thankfully Kolya doesn’t find out about it until much later.
It’s clear what’s happened. Being on that planet for so long has driven him crazy. Yes. That must be it. Well. Possibly...

Kolya spends rather a long time blaming various things - mostly his own internal mental states - on the Planet, considering his time there to have had a damaging effect on his psyche. This is true in some cases, but a lot of the time it is another case of that rhyming Genii/deny connection!
Kolya: “When we were in that clearing, I felt something that I haven’t experienced for a long time... I wanted to help you, to prove to you that you weren’t alone. I saved your life, damn it, but only then did I realise how much you had saved mine as well.”

Ah, honesty. I do so love it when I can really get Kolya to be honest - but this, I think, was spontaneous. And, of course, I cannot help liking that last line.
Rodney: “Okay.” More needed. “So we’ve worked out you have empathy. And anger. Lots of that. Jealousy, too, and compassion. My god,” Rodney says, smacking his mouth in mocked shock, overdone. “You’re actually human.”

Then, annoyed, Rodney leans over, grabs him by the shirt, yanks him over (with more strength than many credit him for) and kisses Kolya, roughly. See how he likes being pulled around...

*g* Whilst we were RP-ing this scene, I made an LJ entry about how the post-Planet antics were no less angsty - and then, literally moments later, THIS reply came through. I’m pretty sure I actually waved my arms around in joy. I certainly ended up grinning like an idiot for ages - and I then went back to add an extra bit to the LJ post I’d just made. It read, simply, “EDIT: *SMIRK*”

It summed things up quite nicely, I felt!

So. Yes. I adore this bit. I adore the way Rodney suddenly snaps and kisses Kolya, and I loved the way Kolya reacted in my head. He really was quite genuinely surprised!
But kissing [Kolya] doesn’t seem to explain much of anything either. Apart from a) Kolya apparently (but not necessarily) really does like kissing him, b) Rodney probably needs a shave, c) that thing with the hospital kink is getting worse and he’ll never be able to look Carson in the eye again, d) kissing men isn’t all that much different from kissing women and, e) ...damn. He might be the tiniest bit gay.

We do so love Rodney’s lists, especially this one. Particularly point e). Of course. There have been rather a lot of jokes and references to do with Rodney’s list-making - even more so because said activity is a habit shared by both Davechicken and myself.

Possibly we should start a List Makers Anonymous. If nothing else, we could invite Rodney to it… *eg*
Oh, and that’s another thing - watch out for certain words that have a tendency to recur. At this point, Kolya’s favourite was ‘unexpected.’

He and I both thought it very appropriate.
Kolya: “Cowan is not going to release you to an enemy of the Genii on a whim,” he begins. “He might, however, consider a tactical release to someone with whom we have some semblance of an alliance... even if that alliance does not yet exist.”

Ah yes. Kolya’s cunning plan. This idea had been bouncing around for a while, so it was nice to see it finally get aired. (It was one I considered originally for the final part of Special - I will finish it, oh God I WILL finish it! - but decided to use here instead. The alternative, darker plan fits better with the tone of Special, which features a slightly darker version of Kolya.) With this plan finally decided upon, the Geneva Convention was truly born.

It is, of course, an extraordinarily difficult plan for Kolya to consider, let alone actually suggest - given that it involves a truce with people he has come to hate intensely. One of the things I was trying hard to do here in Part Two was show Kolya moving from reluctant to open acceptance of the plan he comes up with - one that he formulates because it is the only way to make his relationship with Rodney viable.

And this slow change of opinion was something I used to highlight the personality shift Kolya goes through - despite his fairly regular insistences that no such shift takes place. Considering what he goes through, the emotions he experiences, the events which occur, I doubt anyone could avoid changing somewhat - and his feelings about the treaty negotiations allowed me to highlight this from time to time. It was interesting, because this was of course written over many weeks, and I was able to watch Kolya undergo this character development practically in real-time.
Rodney: “So.” Pause. Breath. Another pause. Oh look, oxygen...

This offhand little comment amuses me intensely, and caused much merriment when I managed to quote it back to Davechicken (who wrote it) in a conversation one day.
“Right. That... that would be a good plan. Seeing Cowan.” Rodney bites his lip again, trying to... ah, that one. The one who looked oddly familiar... twice over.

No doubt other DS9 fans had a similar reaction upon seeing their beloved Chief O’Brien become the evil leader of a militaristic society living in a giant secret hidden underground bunker! We have a tendency to use “Chief O’Cowan” as a blanket term, now, and my recent DS9 re-watch-athon was punctuated with regular shouts of “Bashir! Don’t you realise the man is evil?!”

Now. Possibly I should talk for a moment about the first scene between Kolya and Cowan - notable because we actually see almost none of it, and also notable because I wrote all of it myself (which is, of course, odd in an RP-based fic.) The second major scene with Cowan, later on, is shown in full, and Cowan was then written by Davechicken. This first time, however, I wrote what little we see of him - partly for ease, and partly because I needed to get this bit of the plot sorted out, whilst Rodney still had no say in it.

This scene is one that was in my mind for a while before it was written, and is one that still pops up as a difficult point from time to time. It is difficult because Kolya refused flat-out to tell me what went on between him and Cowan - and that is something he very rarely does. Though the man can be frighteningly difficult to get anything out of, we have this unspoken agreement that ‘current events,’ if you will, are something I get to know about, even if not all of it ends up on the page. (Sometimes, for example, he will tell me things but does not want them made public, and though I never reveal them they help me understand his motivations. Plus, I like making semi-opaque, teaser-ish hints, and possibly even eventually trying to write fic about them. That, I must point out, is where Prelude In A - the Backstory Fic - came from!)

Yet to this day, I do not know exactly what happened in that room - beyond what is obvious in the fic itself. Kolya goes in, shuts the door, and they start conversing. It eventually gets heated - but who’s surprised, really? - and then Kolya pops out, grabs a guard, drags him inside, shuts the door again, talks for a moment, and then shoots the guard in the leg.

I know he was making a point. He told me that much from the very beginning. I do not, however, know what the point was, or why it required bloodshed. I also do not know why it - and any accompanying words - were enough to not only make Cowan do what Kolya wanted, but also convinced Cowan not to do something about the whole shooting-of-subordinates thing.

What I can tell you is that that look Kolya has at the end of this scene - his ‘got you’ look - is entirely genuine, and very, very important.

I live in hope that he will eventually tell me what really happened - if nothing else, because it might be relevant in Part Four. Oh. You may not know about Part Four yet. *eg* But. Gotta finish Part Three first…
The duel doesn’t last particularly long - mostly because a combination of stress, recent events, and some rather odd Genii drugs he’s still got in his system from his own brief stay in the infirmary, make Kolya go all-out - more so than usual.

Eventually, having put another person in the infirmary - that’s two in less than an hour - the commander decides enough is enough.

OK. I must now say, in Kolya’s defence, that he is NOT normally this bad, and does not regularly make a habit of sending a long line of his own people to the infirmary. He was under a lot of STRESS, damnit, and his reaction is completely understandable for a man of his mindset.

What?! Stop looking at us like that!
A moment’s pause, then Rodney reluctantly nods. He doesn’t have much choice in the situation, as he can see. No real bargaining material, as he knows the Genii as a people won’t shy from somewhat dubious - or, at least, forceful - methods of persuasion. Though he doubts, somehow, that Kolya would be the one to attempt it this time.

Oh. It would have been very, VERY interesting to see what would have happened if the negotiations had broken down, and Rodney’s planned release never came to pass.

Very interesting indeed.
Rodney: “Well, are you going to kiss me again or do I try my hand at the guard detail? Not literally... well, maybe, I don’t know if I’m in to that kind of thing. Not that I didn’t have an interesting college experience, but it wasn’t interesting like that...”

I would LOVE to see what would’ve happened if Rodney had tried hitting on the guards. Their expressions alone would have been priceless! Although it must be said, if Kolya ever found out, said guards might have run into difficulty shortly afterwards…
This is why Kolya has just risked almost everything he believes in - to finally be with someone who actually seems to want him back.

Ladies and gentlemen… welcome to The Crux Of The Matter.

Enough said, I think. Back to the kissing…
Then [Kolya] realises he’s thinking about trees from a somewhat different angle - namely, what two people can do against them - and decides it might be wise to pull his thoughts back to the present.

At this point, just as things really are about to get interesting, there’s a heavy clunk from the corner of the room, and the door swings slowly open. A single Genii soldier walks in, freezing with an expression of complete and utter shock as he sees what’s going on.

Kolya doesn’t even think, as his instincts kick-in shockingly fast. He swings around, drawing his gun from its holster as he moves, pointing the weapon straight at the intruder.

And then he fires.

*headdesk* In our defence, we would like to re-iterate the whole under-a-lot-of-stress thing. And the not-normally-this-bad thing. And…

OK, OK, he shoots a lot of people! We know! But he always has a reason. *nods* Really.

(This probably isn’t the best time to tell you how much I enjoyed writing this particular tag, is it?)
The man reels as the bullet smashes into his leg, clutching just above his knee and struggling to stand.

Ironically, I learned just a few weeks ago (in the beloved 24) that this is a very GOOD place to shoot someone. This only adds to the alarming truth that my muse really does know more than he lets on, even to me.
Kolya: “Something really ought to be done about the discipline in this place. I’m... sorry about that.”
Rodney: “The part where he came in or the part where you shot him? Do you normally do that to people who don’t knock?”

Both very good questions, it must be said!
And Rodney appears to have lost the ability to talk properly again. “If you’re in difficulty, I could... I could convince E- Doctor Weir and Colonel Sheppard to... I don’t know, let you stay or something. If you wanted to.”

Even if it would be... really, really weird. And really, really difficult. And would freak a hell of a lot of people out if Rodney came back with Him asking if he could keep him.


Rodney’s offer stops him right in his tracks, though, causing a sudden disconnection between Kolya and reality that takes a few seconds to pass. Did the doctor actually just offer him political asylum?!

I utterly, utterly adore this exchange, particularly the second paragraph, and the way Kolya reacted to it in my head! The idea of Kolya seeking political asylum on Atlantis is…

Rodney: “It... well, I know a lot of people won’t be very happy with me, even if I am still alive... But we could... see.”

Which is Rodney speak for, -the fuck? And, -hwah? And, -yey! All at once. Although this is less obvious.

Rodney-speak constantly amuses us… but I must say, this is one of my favourites. If nothing else, it was pleasingly positive.
“I want to talk to you,” [Kolya] insists. “I just... fear driving you away.”

There. He said it. And as he does, that image comes to mind again - the Atlantis control room, windows battered by such a brutal storm... everything that happened. Everything he did. It might be helpful if he could claim it was all desperation, last resorts, plumbing the depths of possibility to achieve a result. But it wasn’t. That is who he is, and every time he tries to say something, it links back to memories of that day.

Now this is an absolutely critical point, especially during the first half of Part Two. It was one of the things I remained acutely aware of - and, though the effect is a little lesser now, am still acutely aware of. And particularly at this point in the story, much of how Kolya behaves around Rodney is affected by what happened on Atlantis - after all, how do you build up a genuine relationship with someone who, within moments of first meeting, you had tortured? The hardest thing for me, as a writer, to convey in this situation is more or less what is laid out in that second paragraph - notably, that Kolya does not regret what he did, because when it comes to his job, he does not have those kinds of regrets. But at the same time, he has extraordinary difficulty with the whole issue, because he has reached the state where he would not hurt Rodney and yet is very, very aware that he already has.

It’s odd, and it’s something I was trying to work through whilst writing a number of Kolya’s responses in the first half of this part. It’s one of the reasons why he is sometimes slightly more restrained - and nigh-on hesitant - during a lot of their interactions. Given what happened, Kolya decided it would be wise not to push too much - and why, if you watch carefully, you can see him gradually work up to things as opposed to leaping in at the deep end (which he’s happier to do later on.) Because this relationship, more than anything else, he did NOT want to wreck through his habit of being a little… over-enthusiastic.
Rodney’s been sitting with absolutely nothing to occupy him but a pad and a pen that he brow-beat out of one of his guards after the tedium simply got too much. And the guards were convinced no harm would fall upon them for opening the door. The pad, however, is considerably worse for wear by the time Kolya arrives. Half-finished strings of letters and numbers, doodled spirals and notes litter the page, and there’s a fair number of balled up pieces in one corner. Possibly, if one looked, one might see the remains of a list on a few.

*g* Ah yes, dear Rodney’s lists. This is a long, LONG running joke - but to this day, the contents of these lists have not been revealed.

This, of course, is the beginning of what I always think of as ‘section two’ of this part - given that the way we wrote Part Two basically makes it fall into four large sections, which themselves divide further into component scenes. The first two sections cover (roughly) the first three days on Geneva, which deals with the establishment of the relationship, and the setting-up of the negotiations with Atlantis - and it is this ‘section two’ which contains some of my favourite scenes.
The corridor outside is much like the room was - cool, dim and quiet. As soon as Rodney moves to follow Kolya, one of the guards immediately tries to give him a Look.

“I’ll bring him back,” Kolya promises, with more than a slight smirk.

*eg* At this point, we weren’t sure if Rodney would be returning to The Grey Room - and as such, I am even more amused by the fact that Kolya does not, in fact, ever bring Rodney back. But I do love the idea of the guards standing there for hours, watching the door to an empty cell.

Minions, eh?
…ah yes, the Training Room Scene. Definitely one of my all-time favourites, not least because it was the first time I got to actually show Kolya duelling. (Something I have done a great deal since then!) It also allowed me to start building up the circle of people Kolya (still) has in his life, beginning with Rokal and Valtain. I really love those two - Valtain especially, as Rokal is a bit of a bastard. But then, he does spend rather a lot of time around Kolya, so it’s kinda understandable!

These two, like some of the other Genii OCs I have come up with in the course of writing various things, are actually not technically OCs (original characters) but OCCs (original canon characters) in that they are based on two guys from the show, but virtually everything about them is my own creation.

Go watch Brotherhood, and in Kolya’s first scene, you’ll see he’s been fighting a pair of young Genii soldiers - the two guys he kicks out so he can talk to Pranos about Dagan. Those two guys are Rokal and Valtain, Rokal being the taller one and Valtain being the one who starts out on the floor.
Rodney is not entirely a stranger to this mode of fighting - he’s seen Teyla and the colonel in practice before. Oh, and Gabrielle and Xena, but that doesn’t count because television fights are nothing like real life.

This, of course, was another one of those “you just said/thought WHAT?!” moments which dear Rodney has a tendency to provoke. And incidentally, this was written before the ‘Conan and Xena’ line popped up in Epiphany.
Rodney: “Are you insane? I saw what you did to those two, and I’ve only just been stuck back together again from the last time!”
Kolya: “I wouldn’t be quite so... vigorous in your case.”

This quote speaks for itself, really.
Rodney: “I... haven’t ever done this before.”

*headshake* The more you look at this scene, the more you realise it’s jammed full of double-entendres, many of them entirely non-deliberate (I think.) It’s another reason why I like this bit so much.
And Kolya... understands. He remembers what it was like, back during his own training, when he couldn’t do the things he now takes for granted. How could he ever forget the first time he was put in a room with someone and ordered to get information from them? That was... an experience, and it got him a Reputation overnight.

DO NOT ASK. Really. I will fic it when the man finally decides to tell me what actually happened. I know a little of it, but not much, and so far he seems intent on keeping things that way.
But then, Kolya’s seen [Rodney] under... torture. Under duress. Under a dinosaur, and under the sheets. But not with the dinosaur under the sheets. Of course.

I really did like this! Though we would like to second the part where there was absolutely NO dinosaur sex.
He’s still feeling small-animal-in-the-headlights lightheaded and shaky, this whole situation one he’d never really anticipated. Really, if he didn’t know better, Rodney would swear blind Kolya was, in fact, a Klingon. A thought which amuses him so much he attempts his best cocky-in-the-face-of-danger-because-I-can’t-run-away face.


Dead. Dead-ity dead dead dead. Really. This response totally killed me, and I was only sorry that Kolya, of course, didn’t actually get it.

Also, for those of you out there who have somehow failed to embrace the Star Trek love, “q’pla” is Klingon for “success,” and is used in many different ways, though predominately as either a) a greeting, b) a farewell, or c) a battle-cry.

Well. Makes a change from “AAAAAAAAAA!”
Possibly tormenting an evil, murderous, stick-wielding, gun-waving, Potentia-stealing, cool-coat-wearing, rather... rakishly interesting and amorous Genii in a big, dark room on his home planet was not the best idea Rodney McKay ever had. That or it was a really good idea. Really. Really good.

Best. Response. EVER. I adored this so much that I fangirled Davechicken for it in an LJ post. It is without a doubt the most wonderfully apt description of Kolya the world has ever seen.
IN-JOKE ALERT: Because Rodney is beginning to think if he gets any more tightly wound, he’ll be bouncing off the walls. Again.

“Bouncing Off The Walls” is a song by Sugarcult that we are somewhat fond of - its main lyric being “I’m bouncing off the walls again.”
Suggesting an introduction to knives would be a really bad idea right now. Yes, Acastus, it WOULD. And he appears to be having an internal, first-name-terms discussion with himself. Which is not normal.

*smirk* Patience, my friends. Oh yes.

Also, I was very much amused by how, around this point, Kolya started a) internally talking to himself, and b) using his own first name. It was one of those little things that progressed throughout Part Two, and which I found oddly interesting the more I noticed him doing it. I should say that whilst it took him nine months of living in my head to get to this point, it took at least a year before he’d consent to being on first-name terms with me.

Yes, really.
Rodney: “Help! Help! I’m allergic to Genii! I demand that someone reads my rights! Or brings me a pillow, at the very least. Because my back is really rather delicate and I need special support for it...”

Allergic to Genii?! HAH!

(See, it is responses like THESE that bring a little joy into my life.)
For the moment, [Rodney is] perfectly happy to let the other man set the pace. Content to lie back under the onslaught, to revel in being the focus of such attention. Because, it is nice. Attention. Attention without having to fight even for recognition. This isn’t forced, isn’t something happening because there is no choice.

And Rodney? He rather likes being chosen. Though that’s probably the understatement of the year.

…the whole evil ninja almost-Matrix without the coat thing that is so very black and pretty…

Another of Rodney’s utterly wonderful descriptions. And didn’t I tell you, back in the companion to Part One, that Rodney has a thing for referring to Kolya as a ninja?

‘Cause he does.
IN-JOKE ALERT: OK. Well. Maybe not so much an in-joke as an in-reference. But Kolya’s room number, 1603, is entirely deliberate - it’s actually a date. 16th March. The day we first started RP-ing this behemoth fic!

I thought it was appropriate - if nothing else, because I have an inexplicable obsession with dates. Plus, I often slip number-references into my writing.
Ah yes, and now we come to Kolya’s quarters. This was the first time I’d had reason to write about his room, but I rapidly had a VERY clear idea of what it looks like. The room itself is fairly big and more or less square, with the entrance in the bottom left-hand corner, and the bathroom door in the top right-hand corner. The furthest wall is the one covered in weapons, (some of which are REALLY cool) and the bed is against the right-hand wall.

I am extremely fond of that room. But then, I may be biased. And it is the sort of place that, up until now, Kolya really has only used for things like sleeping and writing reports.
Now. Yes. This bit just after they arrive at Kolya’s room, when Rodney runs off and Kolya is left alone for a moment. This was… well. I knew exactly what he wanted to say to Rodney, but I could not get him to actually say it - and I had been trying, on and off, for a while. Eventually, I decided the only thing to do was make him think it through, hence this unexpectedly long rambling, deep in his head.

It helped, actually. Both of us. And if nothing else, it is excruciatingly honest.
[Rodney] laughs. It’s the laugh of a person who just found out that cheese is, in fact, flammable and purple.

Weirdest. Description. EVER.

Enough said. Just… huh?!
Right. Now. Of all the scenes we’ve written so far (and at the time of writing this, we are about 50k into Part Three) there are five that I adore beyond all reason. The first is the conclusion of Part One, and the last… well. Just wait till Part Three, and I will say no more for now. (You’ll know it when you see it. Oh HELL yes.)

The other three are all in Part Two - and they are the Training Room (dude! FLOOR!) the Last Night (commentary still to come, oh yes…) and this scene - the First Night In Kolya’s Room. (What? I capitalise things a lot, too!) Of those three, I think this has to be my favourite - it’s the sort of scene you look back on and think yes, that actually WORKED.

If nothing else, I find it unbelievably sexy. But. You guessed that already, right? And it’s scenes like this which are exactly why I completely advocate co-writing fic by RP-ing it. It makes everything so dynamic, on the spot, reactive, which can only come from having two brains working on the same thing.

Plus, you get surprised more often. As this scene proved to me!
Rodney: “I take it now would be a bad time to discuss what side of the bed you prefer?”

Because that question makes about as much sense as everything else.

This side,” Kolya half-growls, not moving. They are, naturally, lying right down the middle of the bed, so the remark is either very vague, or very... demanding.

In his defence, Kolya does sleep down the middle of the bed when he’s alone.

In the meantime, [Kolya] concentrates on not needing to breathe, in order to prolong [the kiss] for as long as possible, to drag it out until the moment they finally break apart - because that sound, as both of them finally draw sudden, eager breath, is really quite something.

OK. Um. I don’t know exactly why Kolya is so obsessed with listening to people breathe, but he really is. And I’m fairly confident it’s about more than just being able to read elements of their emotional state from it.
Rodney: “I’m here, aren’t I?”

This is something that Rodney either says or thinks several times over the course of this part, and I always wonder who needs to hear it more - him or Kolya.
And then [Kolya] pulls back, long enough to allow himself to reach over and retrieve something from his bedside table - something metallic, which glints in the low lighting; though which is not, in fact, bladed.

Rocking back onto Rodney, Kolya makes eye-contact once more, a pair of handcuffs now curled around one palm.

Now, this bit alone could cause one to raise a number of questions, which might themselves provoke some interesting remarks. But if nothing else, one needs to ask perhaps the most important of all - why the HELL has Kolya got a pair of handcuffs on his bedside table. No, really. Why?

Put it down as a plot point and leave it at that. Otherwise, we end up in Scary Question Land, which is, I assure you, worse than Meaningful Conversation Territory.

(Somewhat relatedly, this was one of those deep-breath-before-sending tags.)
Kolya: “You need to let go.”
Rodney: “What? Let go of what? I don’t have go of anything to let!”

I really, really loved this response. It was so very… apt.
Rodney: “Am I doing this wrong? I didn’t know you could do chained to a bed wrongly.”

There. Are. No. Words.
Oh yes. The knife. At the time, I wondered if leaving the knife out of the picture was a good idea.

It was. No, really. Trust me. All will be revealed. Eventually.

Muhahahaha. Etc.
[Kolya] kisses Rodney at once, again resorting to the nigh-on bruising intensity that he so often favours; free hand snaking down the doctor’s chest somewhat faster than before. But then he decides that, first, he ought to give some sort of response.

So he pulls back and looks Rodney in the eye, a smirk crossing his face. “As you wish.”

OK. I HAVE to say something about this bit - namely, exactly why Kolya says that. On the one hand, yes, it is an in-joke: it refers, of course, to The Princess Bride, where we learn that when Westley says “as you wish,” what he means is, “I love you.” Considering the next steps this part of our story is to take, I think it was a pleasingly apt closing line.

It also came heavy with a touch of irony - there’s ALWAYS room for irony! - in that, of course, “as you wish” is not the traditional style of wording for the person - *ahem* - on top. But at the same time, it served as a nice way to remind you, the reader, about how the power dynamic between these two has changed; that Kolya, now, is not going to do anything against Rodney’s wishes. And considering how this scene had played out, I wanted to (subtly) make that clear.
Amazing what a little stick to stick combat can do for a man.

Ah yes. Jerran. I am extremely fond of Jerran. He’s one of my Genii OCs - an actual OC this time, with no connection to any random background guys in canon. At the time, he got created because we needed someone who Rodney could work with in order to prevent him going stir-crazy, and it made sense for the person working with him to be someone that Kolya picked very carefully.

In the end, however, I got very fond of Jerran, and he started getting backstory of his own - more than I expected! - some of which I revealed in Prelude In A, and more of which (plus, for plot reasons, some of the stuff from Prelude again) will be revealed in Part Four.

But. He is rather sweet, and actually braver than you might first think.
Kolya: “Excellent. Come with me.”
Jerran: “Yes... er... where exactly are we going?”
Kolya: “To retrieve the doctor.”
Jerran: “And he would be..?”
Kolya: “Now? Most likely in my shower.”

Jerran’s expression at this point was utterly, utterly priceless.
Now we come to the scene with Cowan, and the only one we chose to show in full. For this part, Davechicken wrote all of Cowan’s sections, given that Rodney was not around.
“No one was permanently injured,” [Kolya] states, flatly.

This quote also speaks for itself, I think.
Kolya: “I know my responsibilities, and my loyalties, and neither have been sacrificed in the face of any of this.”

Questioning Kolya’s loyalties is a very bad idea indeed. He considers his duty to his people to be of utter importance, and wanted it made very clear that his feelings for Rodney were entirely compatible with that.
And now they’re reaching the crux of the whole matter, which presents Kolya with one of the most difficult decisions he can face - complete honesty, or an insufficient but defensive half-truth. Ordinarily, the latter would win out. No need to tell people what they don’t need - or deserve - to know.

But this is a very unusual situation indeed, and Kolya knows that he really needs to explain himself this time, awkward though such a thing may be.

“Compromised?” he repeats - his tone just the safe side of dangerous. “I am not compromised. You think this is frivolous, that I am acting on a whim? I am not. I am merely trying to reconcile my unwavering loyalties to the Genii with the fact that I am in love with Rodney McKay.”

This whole conversation was exceptionally tricky to write - given that by this point Kolya really, really does not like Cowan, and also because he knows full-well that his recent actions have been somewhat questionable. But it was this bit that was crucial - and Kolya really was not happy about telling Cowan about his true feelings before he told Rodney. Given that he has great reservations about ever letting on about how he feels, you can see how this situation was even more awkward.
Oh. Now. After Cowan, we had to deal with Athos. Of all the Genii I have written who aren’t Kolya, there is none who has made more of an impact than Athos. He, of course, is the father of Idos, who died on the Atlantis mission, and is only mentioned that one time in canon. Absolutely nothing more is ever revealed about him - so far, at least!

Athos is someone I’ve gone on to write about a lot, given that I wanted to work out exactly what he meant to Kolya, and how they were connected - and this formed the basis of one of my own fics, Prelude In A.

This scene, however, was the first time he made an appearance, so it was ironic that I was not the one writing him! Davechicken and I worked out enough of his backstory beforehand, and then launched into this - definitely one of the most difficult scenes we’ve ever had to RP!

I won’t ramble on about Athos too much here, especially because I wasn’t the one writing him - though, for my one Shameless Self-Promotion of this part of the companion, I will recommend that you read Prelude In A if you want the whole story as I eventually envisaged it. I should point out, however, that I am madly, madly fond of Athos, even though he is a complete and utter bastard - far more so than Kolya.

And oh. Before anyone asks, no, his surname is not canon. We wanted him to have one - and we needed it for our other co-written fic (coming soon!) - so we decided on Leontis. Which I like a lot.
Of course, as this was Athos’ first appearance, we had to build up pointers to his backstory from scratch - given that no one else knew our version of it at this point! The first clue - aside from all the obvious evidence that these two are well-acquainted but no longer close - is in their greeting. Anyone who can call Kolya by his first name is worth watching, because there aren’t many who ever get to!
Though now his thoughts aren’t so much on form and precision as they are on beating Athos Leontis squarely into the floor and leaving him there.

So nice to know he has his priorities straight.

And oh... the irony in that sentence is almost too much.

This is another Clue. Though from here on in, they get a bit more obvious. Read: a LOT more obvious. God, this part was painful to write!
“He was my son,” [Athos] says again, as though it will help. “He was all I had left of her. And now they’re both gone, and you are too.”

In order for Idos to be Athos’ son, there of course needed to be a woman somewhere along the line - and so I came up with Merre (she gets named a little later on.) Merre was another Genii soldier, who met Athos when they were both still fairly young. They got married and had Idos, and all was good and shiny and bunker-shaped sparkles. Unfortunately, in order for the rest of Athos and Kolya’s backstory to work, there needed to be a reason why Merre was no longer around - and from what little I knew of her, it was clear that it wasn’t simply a case of their marriage falling apart. I soon realised that Merre must be dead, and came up with the idea that she’d been killed on an offworld mission when Idos was little.

Though that was painful, in a way, because she and Athos were so very happy together, and though I haven’t yet written Merre in anything but the very past tense, I know that she was really something special.
Kolya stands in almost-shocked silence whilst Athos storms off, still trying to make himself calm down and stop yelling. He isn’t the sort to cry - but if he was, there’s no doubt that he would be by now.

Now THIS was a scary moment. In a year and a half of writing him, this is the closest he’s ever come to breaking down on me.
Rodney: “I haven’t caused trouble, have I?”
Kolya: “No. But there have been... developments.”

Oh. So that’s how he’s putting it? His boss thinks he’s lost his mind and his ex-best friend tried to cave his head in with a stick and then promptly had an emotional breakdown.

How was your afternoon?

*headshake* This would probably be funny if it wasn’t extraordinarily painful.
Hah. I just noticed something. For a fairly long time, Rodney gets Jerran’s name wrong - and calls him all sorts of amusing things - but he never gets Athos’ wrong. Not once. Which is another sign of Athos’ Importance In The Scale Of Things.

Oh. He’s just going to LOVE that…
Kolya: “I did not so much break you out as... borrow you and neglect to take you back.”

This is true… from a certain point of view.
There are three reasons for [Kolya’s] action, though only two are obvious. One, he likes doing things like this. Two, he really likes doing things like this. And three... he might just be delaying the somewhat more challenging task that crossed his mind a few minutes ago... something he said to Cowan but has not yet said to Rodney.

Now. One of the things one should remember about Kolya is that he’s very careful about what he says, and to whom. This is the result of a number of different influences - some more obvious than others - but reduces down to the belief that information is important, and that the choice of who to tell it to is also important. And given that Kolya had already had to tell The Truth to Cowan, he was adamant that he needed to tell The Truth to Rodney as well, because Rodney was far more deserving of it.

This turned out to be a surprisingly more daunting task than he first expected.
Rodney: “Don’t worry, a friend of mine in college kept a crossbow under their bed.”

Ah, the Rodney McKay Not-So-Random Remark. How we missed you!

Also? Mmmm. Crossbows.
A pause. Careful. Measured. Telling.

“What I need to say is this:”

Another pause. Shorter. Even more telling.

“...I love you.”

You know, for longer than I’d care to admit, I thought I’d messed this bit up. I would come back and re-read this scene, and wonder if I’d made this declaration of Kolya’s far too simple. It was only later on that I changed my mind on the whole matter, and decided that maybe it works better than I first thought. Because, after all, Kolya is not the type to make long and elaborate declarations, even in a case like this - and he wouldn’t ramble on, or, even worse, throw in some kind of pre-amble.

Being at peace with this scene helps a lot, too. It is, obviously, rather an important moment!
The end of this scene marks the first major ‘time-jump’ in the entire fic so far. Before, we never did more than skip over a night - but this time, we’ve moved on several weeks. This brings us into the second half of part two - which is a fair bit shorter than the first half. Like the first half, it also splits roughly in two - the first section covering the run-up to the peace deal, and the second section being mostly taken up with the Last Night. Because we like naming things, this second half of Part Two is sub-sub-titled ‘Open Windows,’ to match ‘Locked Doors,’ the sub-sub-title for the first half of Part Two.

The time-jump itself was interesting, because we were able to leap ahead and show how the relationship set-up we’d put in place had developed over time.
Though still not operating on the normal duty roster, and confined to the planet, Kolya has been fairly busy - training, duelling, and, on occasion, utilising some of his more specialised skills. He avoids mentioning these activities to Rodney - because that’s a line of conversation he wants to hold off for as long as possible - although he’s fairly sure Rodney is aware of some of it.

Of all the aspects of Kolya and Rodney’s relationship, there are more than a couple which might cause a few raised eyebrows - but the only one that really affects me anymore is this one. There is, of course, no way that Kolya would give up his role as an interrogator, because he happens to really, really like it - but the idea of him going off to (for the most part) torture people whilst calmly keeping quiet about it is… slightly scary. It doesn’t help - or perhaps it does - that Rodney almost certainly knows precisely what’s going on, and merely opts not to say anything.

We’ve been able to deal with this a little in Part Three - and also in meta - but it is something that remains foremost in my mind a lot of the time.
And NOW we get up to another Very Important Scene - the One Where Rodney Goes To See Athos. This was something Davechicken really wanted to do - and I, of course, had no objection, given that it would offer me the chance to write Athos whilst Kolya was (for the first time) out of the picture. It also gave me the chance to write a little more of Jerran, given that he was the poor soul who had to take Rodney off to find Athos in the first place, against his better judgement.

There is a lot more to Jerran’s reaction than we revealed at the time. This will become clear in Part Four (though is also mentioned, to some extent, in Prelude.)
IN-REFERENCE ALERT: OK. This is an entirely personal and very minor one, but I shall mention it nonetheless. The reason Athos is currently working in Prison Block D is a hark-back to one of my earliest pieces of fanfiction (which you will most definitely NOT be finding anywhere on the internet!) - a piece based on my favourite computer game of all time, Final Fantasy VIII. It contains, amongst a lot of other things, a series of scenes set in a building called D-District Prison, and among these scenes was one of the first ‘proper’ interrogations I ever wrote. At the time, it was also perhaps one of the most extreme moments I’d ever written.

*nostalgic headshake* It would not even come close nowadays!

/personal ramble.
The guards nod, then go into the room, and the man turns. Walks three paces. Sees the pair standing at the other end of the corridor and stops dead.

You,” Athos Leontis growls.

Up until this point, the image we’d given of Athos was of the one not quite as bad as Kolya - the Good Cop, the one with more emotional openness, and so on. I wanted to take the opportunity, at various points during this scene, to turn that image on its head. Because Athos is just as bad as Kolya - if not worse - and can be really, really evil at times! Indeed, Athos Leontis is a perfect example of why failing to pay adequate attention to the Good Cop is a very, very dangerous idea! (By the by, he also plays an excellent Bad Cop, though less often. But you will get to see it eventually…)
Then [Rodney] looks at Athos. “Commander. I was wondering if I could speak to you in private. I have a few things to say. Just let me say them, then... well. Whatever you see fit.” It’s Rodney’s I’m Being Brave face. His jaw twitches ever so slightly.

I have enormous respect for what Rodney does in this scene. His attempts to sort out the dispute between Kolya and Athos - though notably dangerous - really were quite something, especially given that he’s already been warned about what Athos is capable of.
Although it’s possible that somewhere, deep down, [Rodney]’s breathing a sigh of relief that [Athos] was never involved with [Kolya]. And also possible that on a different, deeper, darker level he’s deeply envious. Although the situation seems unlikely to arise, wondering if Kolya would choose... this man, over him? Rodney does not like the thought of being an also-ran.

I should just say, for the record, that whilst Kolya would very much like to be back on speaking terms with Athos, he no longer wants to get together with him. His loyalty to Rodney is absolute - and it should be clear by now that Kolya takes his loyalties very seriously.

Furthermore, as far as Kolya’s concerned, Athos betrayed him twice - and whilst he could find a way to forgive him for that, said forgiveness would never go beyond re-establishing friendship.
Athos Leontis takes a long, slow breath. And then he walks back into the corridor, returning to his work. To his life. What else can he do?

It’s hard to make choices when you see only one path.

This is Athos’ last appearance in Part Two, and unless the Part Three plan changes drastically, he doesn’t appear then at all. But I promise you, there is LOTS more to come for Athos and he WILL be getting some resolution in Part Four.

In the interim, he’ll be popping up in my own fics from time to time. Because, despite it all, I still love the bastard - and having rather written him into a corner, I am now on a drive to save him a little.
Now. The scene where Kolya comes back to his room to find Rodney already there - this was also a tricky one. It was challenging because Kolya was quickly aware that something was amiss, and yet knew from experience that actually getting Rodney to tell him what was going on would not be easy. It then got more challenging because having this kind of pressured conversation is not easy when one’s instincts happen to suggest slightly less helpful paths of action!

And, of course, the more Kolya realises Athos is involved, the more desperate he gets to know precisely why.

The end of this bit was an important moment for Kolya’s character development, too - because Rodney manages to talk him out of going off to find Athos, and Kolya does manage to let the matter drop. Letting things go is definitely not easy for him.
Aaaand now we move into The Last Night, a long scene which flows from event to event, basically covering a number of ideas we’d had all at once. Most notably there were two things we considered letting them do - drink alcohol, and go outside. In the end, we got to let them do both.

The Last Night was always going to be difficult, because whilst both of them wanted the peace deal to work out, and Rodney did want to go back to Atlantis, neither wanted to be parted. This impending separation was inescapable throughout, and explains A LOT.
It’s clear what kind of liquid he means, of course. Kolya is rarely one to go for alcohol, but every now and then, it sounds like a good idea.

For the most part, Kolya does not drink alcohol, because he doesn’t like suffering any kind of impairment to his faculties. When he does drink, however, he has a tendency to lean towards the strong stuff!
Then he steps back, pacing over to the back wall of his room, where there’s a short cabinet (beside several of the weapons.) From said cabinet he withdraws a single, opaque silver bottle, fairly tall and non-descript. It sloshes as he hefts it.

“And that is called…?” Rodney asks, sitting on the end of the bed and putting his towel down at last.

“Ebiral,” replies Kolya, more conversational now he’s slightly distracted. “It is... potent.”

And that is an understatement.

IN-JOKE ALERT: *g* The Drink Of Choice for myself and Davechicken is a concoction we have - for rather complicated reasons - come to know as ‘BIR.’ It is made using a suitably large shot of black vodka, mixed with the best chocolate milk one can get hold of, and is extremely enjoyable. It bears no resemblance - save in strength! - to what Rodney and Kolya drink in this scene, but I deliberately included the word ‘BIR’ in the name of the alcohol.
Kolya: “If you end up tied to anything, it will not be a lamppost.”
Rodney: “That gets really embarrassing if you lose the key. The firemen have to come and saw off the bedposts.”

*giggle* I think we need say no more about this particular line!
Kolya: “The first time I drank this stuff, I was fifteen. I remember wondering for so long exactly how it could affect people the way it does, and eventually, a friend and I decided to find out.”
Rodney: “Were you sick? I was sick. But that was probably because people were putting things in my drink I didn’t know about. But I’m asking you aren’t I. Right.”
Kolya: “No. But I did wake up alone in a part of the bunker which I had never seen before and had absolutely no idea how to get out of.”
Rodney: “But you did have all your clothes, right? And no one drew on your face?”
Kolya: “Thankfully, I was still clothed and art-free. Unfortunately, my friend was nowhere to be seen.”
Rodney: “He was okay though, wasn’t he?”
Kolya: “He was locked in an armoury, three floors up. And no, neither of us had any idea how he got there.”

This little story from Kolya came as quite a surprise to me - until I realised what he was alluding to. Shortly afterwards, he told me a whole swathe of new backstory, though I haven’t had the chance to use most of it yet. As an aside, the friend Kolya is talking about is not Athos. No. His name was Ralec Astrar - and if you’ve read Prelude, you will know who he is.

And no, I don’t know how he got locked in that armoury, either!
Rodney: “Well as long as you stay away from dangerous chemicals - other than the drink, of course - you’re kind of guaranteed to end up doing that, passing out, throwing up or doing things you really wish you didn’t. If you find the chemicals, you end up purple for a week in interesting places. It’s like a law of alcohol, I think.”

*g* Three guesses as to which interesting places Rodney is talking about! (Purple? Purple!)
Rodney: “I think I’ll miss Jerran. He reminds me of Radek, a bit. You don’t know him. He’s Czech. And he has glasses and funny hair...” Rodney makes the gesture of Radek-shaped hair, almost spilling his drink on himself - “but that’s not why he reminds me of Jerran. Or the other way around. You’d probably like him. He doesn’t talk as much as me - well not to me anyway, and I never know what he’s saying when he speaks Czech...”

The Radek-shaped hair gesture has become another long-running joke. If there’s alcohol around, you can more or less guarantee that I’ll try to talk Davechicken into doing it at some point! (Though she tends to refuse on most occasions…)

As an aside… Radek! I love him so much. Also… Radek/Liz forever, man!

/shameless ship-pushing.
Rodney: “Oh god. Is this when you show me you’re actually a pan-dimensional being, or that Genii are all born in tanks? Because if so, I’d rather not know. But if it isn’t that’s fine. If it is, I don’t want to know.”

Kolya: “Rodney. We aren’t born in tanks. We’re born in beds.”

Blink. Stating the obvious. Not good. And though Kolya isn’t entirely sure what a pan-dimensional being is, he’s fairly sure he isn’t one, and so doesn’t comment.

I loved this remark of Rodney’s for so many reasons, and the idea of Kolya being confused about what a pan-dimensional being is. His point about stating the obvious is entirely true, although it was fun as a writer to get him drunk - if nothing else, but because I could finally get him to say some of the things he thinks!
OK. As they stand up to leave the room, who else remembered that Rodney has been topless throughout this entire scene?! *eg* I noticed it eventually - in time to get Davechicken to stick in a reference to Rodney putting his shirt on before they started strolling semi-drunk through the Genii bunker at night.

Which would have been quite something. Though I doubt Kolya would have complained.
Rodney: “Are all the hatchways so wonderfully hidden?”

This really does earn Rodney a Look, along with a very wry response.

Kolya: “Oh no. Some of them have great big signs saying ‘secret bunker entrance here.’” A pause, possibly for effect, possibly to keep his mind working against the alcohol. “Of course they’re hidden.”

Kolya. Being sarcastic. Anyone else worried? *g*
Kolya: “I did some very interesting combat training in a forest just like this, not far from here. Would’ve killed five men if we had live ammo at the time.”
Rodney: “I take it you don’t do that when you have visitors.”
Kolya: “Depends on the circumstances.”
Rodney: “Well. Guests who don’t know you’re actually all living secret double-lives without wearing your underwear on the outside. Although that is an interesting idea...”
Kolya: “Wearing our... what are you talking about?”
Rodney: “Clark Kent. Superman. But please promise me you will never wear brightly-coloured lycra. It never looks good.”
Kolya: “I give you my word.”

I just LOVE this exchange.
And then the path up ahead opens out again, onto a very different panorama from the one they were looking at before. This time, laid before them, is an immense field, filled with...


Well. It had to crop up sooner or later. And that pun hurts too much even to re-think.

Tava! I desperately wanted to get tava involved eventually. It was only a little later on that I realised how much Kolya had wanted to get tava involved as well!

And oh. Don’t kill me for that pun. It was HIS fault!
Rodney: “Tell me you brought more alcohol. I need to be less sober for this.”

All of a sudden, Kolya’s grinning again, shifting position a little in order to get to his pocket. After a moment, he holds up a bottle - not the one from before, but something smaller and therefore more dangerous-looking. It also happens to be green, though that fact is less obvious in the low lighting.

Kolya: “Of course I did.”

Contrary to what Rodney may try to tell you, and what Kolya may appear to imply, this stuff is NOT actually paint-stripper. It is, however, moonshine of the highest degree, and gets made in sheds on the surface when Cowan isn’t looking. Kolya has rather more of it than he’d admit to - Tyrus made it for him.
*eg* I adore the drinking game they play - especially Rodney’s yell of “Dinosaur!” at the very end. It was pleasingly underhand - and, of course, has a nice element of circularity to it.

And I should also note, rather randomly, that whilst wandering round my local market, I actually found a small, greenish bottle that is remarkably like the one Kolya has here. It sits on my desk and inspires me from time to time.
Rodney: “Well why don’t we have third arms then? Ones that come out the back.”

IN JOKE ALERT: Yes, we actually have a running joke that involves me having an invisible third arm. It’s out of phase, you see. Or, don’t see. *nods*
Kolya: “I have minions. Real ones.”

This whole conversation Kills Me Dead, but it was this remark which ended up breaking my brain when Kolya came out with it. I doubt his subordinates would take kindly to being referred to as ‘minions.’ Not that they could do much about it, though.
Rodney: “It’s very strange. If people get married out here we’ll probably have to tie them to the Atlantean Death Cows for amusement.”

IN JOKE ALERT: (yes, again!) This is a reference to one of Davechicken’s fics, Where The Wild Things Are, which includes Atlantean Death Cows. And which you should go read, ‘cause it’s very funny! And it has Ford in. And we all miss Ford. *nods*
*headshake* Do not get me started on the rolling thing! Kolya thought it was a good idea at the time, and Rodney didn’t complain. That’s usually reason enough.
The tava has yet to show any signs of bees, lemons or a terrifying mix of the two.

Bemons! We invented these one (completely sober) night. Flying bee-lemons. Now tell me you wouldn’t be scared of those…
Rodney: “What if I get you a hat and hide you in my room? I’m sure I could make people not-notice you.”
Kolya: “I am an important Genii commander. I cannot be hidden beneath a hat.”
Rodney: “It can be a big hat. But not a three-cornered one, because people would get suspicious. A really, really big hat.”
Kolya: “No hat can hide me. And besides, I would get bored. And there would be no room for my weaponry. Or my minions.”

NO. MORE. ALCOHOL. FOR. YOU. This conversation COMPLETELY broke my brain!
[Kolya] smirks, wondering idly if there’s any way he could get Jerran to invent a machine to freeze time before sunrise. Of course, Rodney would be better at it... but Kolya really doesn’t want to distract him. Especially not now.

This is something of an in-reference, as I am often declaring that what I want most is a machine to freeze time, so I can do all the things I want to get done. It seemed like an apt thing for Kolya to want, for several fairly obvious reasons.
Rodney: “Maybe some sunglasses....”

Except now Rodney has an interesting mental image. He tries hard not to laugh. Which, while you are attempting to undress someone else with your teeth when drunk, is not the easiest thing in the world.

This description on its own amuses me greatly, but there’s another level to it now. Dude. Go watch The Profiler and tell me your jaw doesn’t hit the ground every time Davi’s character puts his sunglasses on, I dare you!
And now? We get to the actual porn. Yep. We wrote over 100,000 words (across both Parts) before we actually, properly got to the actual proper NC-17 PORN. *nods*

This bit, of course, is why THIS is one of my favourite scenes ever.
Um. The bit with the yelling? Yes. That bit always hurts. Though it makes a strange kind of sense, in a way.

And you thought the angst left along with Athos.

This whole section was perhaps the most painful bit we’ve written thus far, but I always think it was worth every moment when I get up to the bit just afterwards, when they’re walking back through the forest. The relief in that moment - when Kolya finally lets himself accept that he expresses his feelings much better through actions as opposed to words - and that lovely, lovely kiss up against the tree… oh yes. I adore that moment. And all the relief Kolya expresses? I shared every second of it.

And, of course, the circularity of the tree-thing? Getting a chance to put that in was wonderful.
So now we come to the final scene of this part - the Geneva Convention itself! Though fairly short and simple, we actually got to cover a lot - starting, of course, with the Morning After.

Little more needs to be said about Mornings After. They speak for themselves!

I should add, though, that Kolya has always been adamant in my head about not liking Genii dress uniform. This surprised me at first - though we’ve never seen it in canon, I have always envisaged the Genii dress uniform to be of a similar style to their regular uniforms, except in black and silver instead of khaki and brown. This being the case, I, for one, rather like them! What’s not to like about military-style black and silver?! Kolya, however, always made it clear that he didn’t like them - and though at first he claimed that it was a simple question of taste, I eventually worked out that he associates dress uniform with the main occasion for which he tends to need it: funerals. Once I realised that, it all made more sense.

But. I still think they’re cool, even if he doesn’t. And I’m told that Rodney likes them too…
…[Kolya] realises it might be a good idea to wake Rodney up.

There are several ways he could do this. Several ways he has, in the past, done this. A number of them require rather less clothing and, alas, would be unwise right now. Then there’s the slightly more entertaining choice of yelling “Fire!” loudly, something he has only ever done once and, yes, perhaps he’d better not think about that, either, because Rodney McKay was most certainly not the recipient of said action.

OK. Don’t ask. He still hasn’t told me WHO he yelled ‘“Fire!” at, or whether it was because there was a fire, or because he was being deliberately evil. All I know is that it happened when he was fairly young.

Some of his other methods of waking Rodney up are more fun, anyway. Alas, he didn’t have time to demonstrate…
Rodney: “Can’t someone give a speech about... joining hands and the importance of holding asses or something?”

IN-JOKE ALERT: Yes. This is an in-joke. There’s a (now fairly old) short-lived TV series called Space, Above and Beyond, which follows a group of starfighter pilots during a war between Earth and Scary Aliens. By far the best scene is in the first episode, when the squad is training, and their commander is yelling at them for messing up their combat simulation. He makes them all stand in a line and grab each other’s asses so that they remember that they have to watch said asses (in a ‘protection in battle’ not a ‘staring at backsides’ kind of way.) This helps them Bond.
It must be time. And despite all the anticipation, this suddenly feels like an event that was always supposed to be in the future - something going to happen, but never actually doing so. But now it is about to happen, and that feels odd in a way even Kolya didn’t expect.

Considering how long we spent working on Part Two, this sentiment was something that I shared entirely! Actually getting up to the Geneva Convention itself was really odd, considering how long I’d been thinking about it.
Kolya turns back to Rodney, finally about to speak the words that have been on the horizon for so long.

“It’s time.”

This is another of those personal little in-references that I, for one, have a tendency towards - and one that no one but me is likely to get unless I explain it in this companion! “It’s time,” was the BBC’s tagline for the second season of 24, my favourite TV show of all time (SGA follows close behind, of course! [Along with Deep Space Nine and The West Wing.]) Since then, that two-word phrase has become synonymous in my mind with something truly important and highly-anticipated - something like the Geneva Convention itself!
*eg* I love the whole bit when they walk out to the Stargate and then over to the building on the other side - both all the stuff they think, and, of course, what Rodney does when they get there!

Though the door does open whilst they’re in mid-kiss, we considered having it open on the meeting hall itself, so everyone would see them. But in the end, that was too mean. Even for us.

No. Really.
The ending is something we had planned for a looooooong time. Rather than dealing in depth with all the angsty, awkward issues that obviously will arise from something like this, we decided to imply them - and cover them more in Part Three - and to go for a short, sharp, funny ending instead.

Hence, of course, the title! It was an equally long time ago that we came up with the idea that the Genii homeworld - so far unnamed in canon - should be called Geneva. Not only does this fit, name-wise, but it allows for the Geneva Convention joke - the Geneva Conventions of Earth, of course, famously covering rules for the treatment of prisoners of war. Which Rodney, technically, was - though the treatment HE got was far from anything laid down in the Geneva Convention rules!

And equally ironic - hence the final line (which was also the final line of Part One, and therefore made me happy in its circularity) - is the fact that much of Kolya’s work is somewhat unacceptable under the terms of the Geneva Convention.

All of which made me happy. As did the looks on their faces when everyone realised what they’d just signed!
And THAT, oh dedicated reader, is that! The end of Part Two, and thus the end of Part Two of the Companion. If you read all this way, I hope you enjoyed it. And for those of you waiting for Part Three of the fic, we are now up to 72k, and moving towards the big finale of this section of the plot - so although there’s a bit to go, we’re getting closer!

So I shall sign off. Thanks again for reading - and LONG LIVE GENEVA!

~ Shadow Side (a.k.a. The Tall One.)


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