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This is, oddly enough, a collection of links. Some of the things are ours, some are not. Ooh, daring. If you want to see the kind of things we like, well. Go click on the images.


Things We Have Done

Planet of the Dinosaurs Planet of the Dinosaurs, a McKay/Kolya uberfic of doom.


Fanfiction Archives

Wraithbait: Slash, Het and Gen Stargate: Atlantis fic

Ripped Off: BTVS Giles/Ethan fic



Czechmate: The Weir/Zelenka Fanlisting

Ruthless: The Acastus Kolya Fanlisting

Stay And Gloat: The Ethan Rayne Fanlisting



Dinosaur comics Dinosaur comics! For comics. With dinosaurs.

Irregular Webcomic Irregular Webcomic. For all breeds of geek.

XKCD XKCD. Maths, love and comics.




DreamHost For webohosting. Please say davechicken at gmail dot com referred you!

Eric Conveys An Emotion For random emotional fun.

Firefox Reclaim the web with the Firefox browser.

Morgue File For public domain images.



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